Claude Monet's house and garden in spring splendour, this is just one of the stops on my guided tour of Monet's Normandy.Claude Monet’s garden in the Normandy village of Giverny looks spectacular year round. Today the house and garden is looked after by the Claude Monet Foundation, enabling visitors to see for themselves where Monet painted the most well known examples of Western art. Each year, the house and gardens re-open to the public at the beginning of spring just in time to experience the garden in full bloom. With spring bulbs of all sorts bringing the garden to life once again. Giverny is just one place we visit on my guided tour of Monet’s Normandy.

To take advantage of the spectacular spring gardens, I recommend dates from mid April to the first week of May.

The clifftop church at Varengeville painted by Monet, is just one of a number of sites that the artist painted that is included on my guided tour of Monet's Normandy.This 5-day tour takes many of the locations in Normandy that feature prominently not only in the life and times of Claude Monet, but of French Impressionism more generally. Besides Monet’s house and gardens, you will also visit Camille Pissarro’s house at Eragny-sur-Epte. And then there are all the landscapes along the Normandy coast, and townscapes of Rouen, Hornfleur, Le Havre, Etretat, to name but a few.

Monet’s Normandy is the only guided tour of on offer that explores impressionist history of Normandy, made famous by Claude Monet and his impressionist contemporaries. You will not only visit the main attractions such as Monet’s house and Garden at Giverny, the Cathedral at Rouen and the fishing village of Etretat Monet painted so often; but you will also visit the cliff top church at Varengeville, the fishing village of Pourville, and Camille Pissarro’s house. You can be as few as two people in your party, or at most 6 people,, and at the end of April you will be seeing Normandy come alive to the wonderful colours of Spring before the rush of tourists.

Claude Monet's house with its garden during spring - Giverny is one of the places included on the five-day guided tour of Monet's Normandy. Your five-day private, guided tour of Monet’s Normandy includes luxury accommodation at my highly acclaimed B&B at Basse Copette, along with all excursions as detailed by chauffeured mini bus, my extensive local knowledge and expertise as an art enthusiast and author, and your three daily meals – including lunch and evening meals at some fine restaurants while we are out and about.

From the Visitor’s Book:

Many thanks for a marvellous stay, wonderful food & wine, and exceptional company. It was a pleasure to meet you!

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